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We buy perfumes because we all want to smell good. But you can still smell good—better, actually—if you use natural perfume oils from Nefysi. Natural perfumes are fragrances derived from nature. It can come from the essences of trees, woods, fruits, flowers, leaves, herbs, seeds, roots, and many more. They do not contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients that may cause skin irritation, allergies, and other sensitivities.

Sourcing organic and exotic extracts to create a fragrance is what makes some natural perfumes costly. However the ingenuity of using natural ingredients readily available makes for competitive costing. Natural perfume concentrates have a greater amount of oils and essences that lend to their fragrance strength.

Because of its strength, perfume concentrates are applied on your inner wrists or palms by using 2 or 3 drops, rubbing your wrists or palms together before gliding your palms or wrists over your clothes or your neck. The same applies if the concentrate comes in rollerball bottles.

Benefits of NaturalParfums

Using natural perfumes has many benefits. Aside from being eco-friendly, natural perfumes don’t use chemicals that may trigger skin sensitivities and other allergies. One should always read the label first as not all natural ingredients in the perfume may agree with your skin. Nefysi has a list of ingredients that you can refer to, detailing where they were sourced and what exactly they are. That said, here are some benefits you can get from using natural perfumes:

o Mood enhancers. The fragrances exude calming, relaxing, and mood-lifting effects depending on which ingredients are present in the perfume.

o Hypoallergenic. Natural perfumes usenatural essences and are typically non-allergenic. They are gentle on the skin and will not trigger coughs or sneezes.

o Safe. Because natural perfumes do not contain harmful ingredients, they are safe to use by everybody, including animals (you’d be surprised at how many fur parents spray perfume on their fur babies!).

o Non-toxic. Speaking of safety, natural perfumes are basically non-toxic. This means they don’t use parabens, petrochemicals, and phthalates that have been associated with a variety of diseases like carcinogenic conditions, hormonal imbalance, asthma, etc.

o Eco-friendly. Of course, what’s next if the perfumes are safe and non-toxic? They’re eco-friendly! Know that our natural perfumes are thoughtfully handcrafted. Our natural perfumes don’t use petroleum derivatives and phthalates making them eco-friendly as they don’t pollute water, soil, and air. More than that, the ingredients are ethically, responsibly, and sustainably sourced.

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Who We Are

More than quality skincare and body products, Nefysi is an advocate of natural remedies for the skin. Mother Earth has been teeming with organic solutions since time immemorial and we need not resort to using commercial products containing banned chemicals, small amounts of beneficial ingredients, and empty promises.

Our natural perfume oils are inspired by the truth, quality, and efficacy of all things natural. And we at Nefysi are promoting nature’s goodness by creating products handcrafted and meticulously engineered using Mother Earth’s most powerful organic ingredients sourced from Greece, Australia, and other natural habitats around the world.