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castile liquid soap

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Nefysi’s all-natural olive oil Castile liquid soap is made by hand in Melbourne, Australia, using the best quality cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil from the Kolymvari region in Crete, Greece.  The olives are grown in a sun-drenched coastal climate, where it is believed the first olives were cultivated over 4,000 years ago and are still producing the highest quality oil today. 

We use our grandmother's recipes to formulate our soaps - a remedy passed down from generation to generation and perfected over many years to be particularly moisturising and nourishing, without drying the skin.  

As it is a natural soap it has a gentle lather, not surfactant-based foam and bubbles. Another distinct characteristic is it cleanses and intensely moisturises leaving your skin silky smooth. Some people may mistake this as oily, but there is no oil in our finished soap. Our soaps are just so insanely hydrating, initially, your brain will not want to accept this - give your brain some time... 

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