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Our Philosophy

At Nefysi, we live and breathe our values.

Our values are at the core of everything we do - it’s the reason we exist. 

Like our ancestors before us, we strive to serve Kállos - the harmonious connection between the beauty of physical appearance and the virtues of the soul.

Our Core Values are Quality, Efficacy, Sustainability and Greek Tradition. Underpinning our values is Philotimo 💙

Core value


Exceptional skincare starts with the finest ingredients. All our ingredients are heroes and belong in our remedies. Each ingredient has undergone a stringent selection criteria and quality control process to ensure only the highest quality seasonal oils and extracts are used in our remedies. 

Each remedy is a multitasker, so you can use one or many depending on your budget and preferences. There are no ‘fillers’, only the power of naturally produced phytonutrients sourced from Greece or countries of origin where they are harvested at their peak and used in our remedies. We work hard to ensure we bottle our ingredients at maximum freshness so you can reap the best benefits - from plant to skin.



Our clean formulas are carefully engineered to deliver the most potent yet gentle results to your skin.

We work closely with suppliers, farmers and villagers to source the highest-quality ingredients and then harvest them based on when they are at peak potency. We extensively study the power of nature and use its treasures to make skin stronger and healthier. 

Each remedy is tested, tested, + tested. This process is repeated over time until we are satisfied and results have shown that the formula delivers its intended results.

At Nefysi we hand-blend and produce all our products in small batches or to order to ensure you’re receiving the freshest possible remedy, not a bottle that’s been sitting on a shelf for months. 

We also believe skincare should be a self-care ritual. Beyond skin benefits you can see and feel, our multi-purpose botanical oil blends help refresh the mind, indulge the body and uplift the spirit with mood-enhancing scents and lush textures. Enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home when you use our products.



Nefysi’s products are formulated with plant-based oils, of which at least 98% of the ingredients are certified organic, wildcrafted or natural. We work with responsible farmers and gatherers of our wildcrafted ingredients to ensure they are ethically sourced and sustainably grown.

We are committed to continuing our search to use sustainable ingredients and in the process giving back to villages and communities. 

 Our packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable; including recyclable glass bottles, kraft paper mailer boxes and cartons, and biodegradable mailer bags. Amber glass is used for the product to block out the sunlight keeping it fresher for a longer period of time. Our packaging is minimal yet beautiful and we only use shipping which 100% offsets carbon emissions. We are passionate about doing our part in ensuring our planet heals and we will continue to explore ways to reduce our impact. 


Greek Tradition

The Ancient Greek word Kállos essentially means beauty and is associated with both the male and female sex. Beyond that, the concept of Kállos in its ultimate dimension is not just a word that signifies beauty, it was an idea developed in Ancient Greek thought, expressed through poetry, lyrics and texts of philosophers. They describe it as a harmonious connection of the beauty of physical appearance with the virtues of the soul. It’s an ancient philosophy we were taught by our ancestors and teach to our children and strive to bring to you. We celebrate Kállos in all aspects of life - from our traditional skin remedies made from natural ingredients to the connections between art, nature, science + sustainability.  



Philótimo / φιλότιμο is a Greek word that underpins our values and is the foundation of who we strive to be. It loosely means “the love of being honourable and acting honourably”.

Philótimo is the connection of our communities, it is our social glue. At Nefysi, we hope to create a community that people love being a part of, from our customers + workplace to our suppliers + collaborators. Always humble, always with love and respect for ourselves and each other and always choosing decent actions and decisions even when it’s hard, uncomfortable or inconvenient and even when nobody will know any better.