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When it comes to skincare, nothing should come close to your skin as the handmade skincare in Australia from Nefysi. Skin care is a personal thing and a personal touch brings an authenticity of caring for your wellbeing like no other commercial skincare products can. The handmade skincare products that we have are created in small batches, ensuring that meticulous care goes into every handcrafted product that we make.

Sourced from Mother Earth’s bounty, the organic ingredients that Nefysi uses in each of its skincare product contains nature’s most potent vitamins and nutrients. More than their traditional use, these natural ingredients are backed by scientific research, ensuring that every component plays a vital role in your skin care regimen. They’re all carefully formulated to cleanse, nourish, heal, and revitalise your skin.

Artisanal Skincare Collection

Handmade products are called artisanal as these are products produced in limited quantities using traditional methods. Nefysi is exactly like that and more. While we use traditional methods, the ingredients that go into our artisanal skincare collection are either organic, wild crafted, natural, or a mixture of both or all of them. That said, expect the benefits of having all of nature’s best in our products, from bath soaps and bath bombs to shower steamers and shampoo bars.

Commercial skincare products contain artificial ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. More than the usual dryness or irritation one gets after using them, the harmful chemicals can speed up the ageing of your skin, among other things! Why would you risk using them when there are great handmade skincare products that will take care of your complexion naturally?

Why Go All-Natural, All-Organic

Aside from not having harmful ingredients or chemically formulated elements that can harm your skin, going all-natural and all-organic for your skincare regimen has a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

o Non-allergenic. Because organic skincare products are chemical-free, they rarely cause any allergic reactions. If ever, what will trigger an allergic reaction to them are the natural ingredients themselves such as peanuts, strawberries, etc. which can be easily identified too.

o Works better than synthetic skin care products. That’s because up to 95% of the content of organic skincare products are active ingredients whereas synthetic ones contain up to 5% to 10% active ingredients only.

o Gentle on the skin. While not as fast-acting as synthetic skincare products, natural and organic skincare products are gentle on your skin and won’t cause any harmful effects in the long run. This can’t be true with synthetic ones as while they’re fast-acting their chemical content may damage and weaken your skin.

Who We Are

More than quality skincare and body products, Nefysi is an advocate of natural remedies for the skin. Mother Earth has been teeming with organic solutions since time immemorial and we need not resort to using commercial products containing banned chemicals, small amounts of beneficial ingredients, and empty promises.

Our handmade skincare in Australia includes products that are inspired by the truth, quality, and efficacy of all things natural. And we at Nefysi are promoting nature’s goodness by creating products crafted and meticulously engineered using Mother Earth’s most powerful organic ingredients sourced from Greece, Australia, and other natural habitats around the world.