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Buy natural skin care products from Nefysi, carefully crafted with care and formulated with natural and powerful ingredients that Mother Earth has gifted us. Our products are designed to cleanse, nourish, heal, and revitalise the skin, reflecting the Greek approach to self-care. Ancient Greeks are known for their deep appreciation for beauty and they dedicated themselves to achieving such a visage of flawlessness by utilising Earth’s natural resources.

Having that as our inspiration, Nefysi developed its own skincare products treading the same path as the ancient Greeks, but this time adding our own spin by utilising the abundant resources from nature that goes beyond the shore of ancient Greece. Thus you will find in our natural skin care products natural ingredients that have been traditionally used all over the world, tested by time, and proven effective through generations.

What Makes It Natural

The skincare products of Nefysi contain natural ingredients found in nature. Natural ingredients from as far as Greece and other Asian and European countries to our very own Australian lands. Ingredients that are found in plantsand minerals. These are sourced ethically, responsibly, and sustainably so that we do not impact the ecosystem negatively, unlike synthetic skincare products do because of their chemical ingredients, among other things.

What makes the natural skin care products from Nefysi natural is the fact that we are free from all things synthetic. Aside from the natural ingredients mentioned above, our skincare products do not contain parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. The perfumes you smell and the colours you see are generated naturally by the blended ingredients from many botanical sources; the same botanical sources that have skin-healing properties that make for a great skincare product.

Natural Ingredients in Nefysi Skincare Products

Aloe Vera. Knownfor its healing properties for severe eczema, psoriasis, and cold sores, aloe vera also helps keep skin soft and moisturised very well. It treats stretch marks, age spots, and skin dehydration, among other things, for better-looking skin.

Bentonite Clay. This natural clay absorbs all toxins from your skin, cleansing it and leaving it healthy. It removes excess oil, bacteria, and dirt minimising acne. This natural ingredient has been used since time immemorial in medical science and skincare purposes.

Hyaluronic Acid. A natural substance found in our bodies to hydrate the skin; it helps lock in the moisture to keep our skin hydrated. It fights against the signs of ageing like wrinkles, age spots, lines, etc. You can find this in potatoes, soy-based foods, avocado, almonds, green vegetables,and the like.

Tea Tree Oil. Used for skincare for hundreds of years, it helps treat acne, moisturises the skin, protects it from infection, and has antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Grapeseed Oil. Found in many skincare products, this contains antioxidants and linoleic acid. The antioxidants keep the skin hydrated as well as fight against free radicals that age the skin. The linoleic acid helps reduce acne. Grapeseed oil is suitable for sensitive skin.

Find these natural ingredients and more in all of our natural skincare products. Check out our catalogue of ingredients [link] for more information.

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Who We Are

More than quality skincare and body products, Nefysi is an advocate of natural remedies for the skin. Mother Earth has been teeming with organic solutions since time immemorial and we need not resort to using commercial products containing banned chemicals, small amounts of beneficial ingredients, and empty promises.

Buy natural skin care products that are inspired by the truth, quality, and efficacy of all things natural. And we at Nefysi are promoting nature’s goodness by creating products handcrafted and meticulously engineered using Mother Earth’s most powerful organic ingredients sourced from Greece, Australia, and other natural habitats around the world.