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The best natural hair products promote healthy hair by nourishing it naturally and taking care of your scalp as well. Especially if they’re from Nefysi. You see, we’ve infused our organic hair care products with the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. From cleansing, restoring, strengthening, and protecting your hair and scalp to treating hair loss, shedding, and breakage, Nefysi offers hair serums, masques, shampoo bars, and treatment oils that will leave your hair and scalp healthy.

Handcrafted from organic and natural ingredients sourced responsibly and ethically from Mother Nature’s bounty, the GROW line of the best natural hair products from Nefysi are dermatologically tested. They’re free from chemicals, parabens, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and artificial ingredients. They’re all produced in small batches to maintain the quality and efficacy of these products and are packed in 100% recyclable packaging.

Hair Serum. Nefysi introduces this revolutionary, all-natural hair serum to treat hair loss and breakage! Clinically proven to soothe the scalp and rejuvenate hair roots for thicker, fuller hair, the serum’s formula is plant-based, and supercharged with phytochemicals. Suitable for all types of hair, including colour-treated, you can use this leave-in serum every day to encourage hair growth, strengthen hair, and reduce hair loss from combing and washing. Use daily and see visible results in as little as 90 days!

Hair Masque. Suitable for All Hair types, including colour-treated, this hair masque can be used as a treatment or conditioner, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. As a leave-in treatment, using the hair masque treats dry or tangled hair. Use weekly to enjoy soft, beautiful, and healthy hair. Our hair masque for Blonde hair restores the natural moisture of the hair, toning each strand effectively. It’s also effective against dandruff and other scalp problems.

Treatment Oil. Our hair and scalp oil treatment is suitable for all hair types and can be used especially by those who are experiencing hair loss, shedding, or breakage. Its organic and natural ingredients are effective against dandruff and other scalp problems as well.

Shampoo Bar. We have shampoo bars for All Hair types, Blonde, and Grey Control. Our All Hair shampoo bar is Vegan and sulphate-free, fights dandruff, reduces flakiness, softens, and nourishes your hair. Our Blonde shampoo bar can be used for all hair types with blonde or grey hair. Effective against dandruff and scalp problems, our Blonde shampoo uses organic butterfly pea, a completely natural blue powder that effectively tones unwanted yellow and orange tones from hair.

If you want to reverse your grey hair and restore it to its original colour, the Grey Control shampoo bar is the one for you. It contains polygonum multiflorum, an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine to reverse grey hair, and has been linked to a number of health benefits as well.

Who We Are

More than quality skincare and body products, Nefysi is an advocate of natural remedies for the skin. Mother Earth has been teeming with organic solutions since time immemorial and we need not resort to using commercial products containing banned chemicals, small amounts of beneficial ingredients, and empty promises.

The best natural hair products are inspired by the truth, quality, and efficacy of all things natural. And we at Nefysi are promoting nature’s goodness by creating products crafted and meticulously engineered using Mother Earth’s most powerful organic ingredients sourced from Greece, Australia, and other natural habitats around the world.