What is the difference between organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients?

What is the difference between organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients?

What is the difference between organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients?

Although skin and body products are everywhere, it can be very confusing to know what to use and what is actually going to give you the results you want… healthy skin!

Everywhere you look, promises are made, ingredients are compromised and results are fabricated… We started this brand because we are passionate about wholesome, pure ingredients, being in conrol of exactly what goes onto your skin - from seed to bottle, putting information in your hands so YOU know what you are putting on your skin (and your families) and getting results whilst enjoying the extraordinary aromas that nature has to offer - no compromise.

When shopping for hair, skin products and food, you will often see terms like organic, wildcrafted, natural and nature identical used. The precise meaning of these terms isn't always clear nor does it have the same meaning depending on who is providing the information. Nonetheless it is important to understand these terms because they impact the quality and life cycle of the products and foods you are consuming or putting on your body so let’s begin with the definitions of the terms wildcrafted, organic, natural  and nature identical.

Wildcrafted | These ingredients are native to their place of origin and do not require any irrigation, fertilisers or treatments. No solvents or chemicals are used in the process or manufacture. They are sustainably sourced, meaning they are foraged from the wild (not farms) where these native plants grow according to their natural habitat. Plants that come from this arena are more resilient to disease and possess more nutrients and desirable constituents (the beneficial plant chemicals responsible for health + healing). These are the best ingredients on the planet and we source and use as many as possible in our remedies. 

Wildcrafted is by far the best choice for everything. In an ideal world, we would ONLY use wildcrafted ingredients. In today’s world, this is not possible because some plants are very valuable or popular and it is not sustainable to forage immense quantities, other plants may be slow growing and some have become endangered or threatened. Another issue is that air, soil and water pollution occur even in some areas of the wild and those wild plants are also compromised.

Organic | all our organic ingredients are certified organic. Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or genetically modified (GMO's). Organic certification verifies that farms or handling facilities comply with the organic regulations and allows producers to sell, label, and represent their products as organic.

Organic plants are also farm-raised. They may come from large commercial organic farms, small local growers or your own garden. Organic growers are limited to certain fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides that are deemed to be less toxic and/or non-polluting. Many of the treatments they use, such as dormant oil spray or sulfur, have been in use for hundreds of years without evidence that they cause environmental harm. Organic farmers are more likely to use animal manures and compost, crop rotation and other environmentally sustainable practices.

Did you know that certified organic (incuding foods) are not necessarily completely chemical free, but the pesticide residues will be considerably lower than those found in produce commercially farmed using fertilisers or treatments? Not to say that these are not good, but again, really important to trust where they are coming from and farming practices used.

Natural | these ingredients are existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind. They may be grown in farms using fertilisers or treatments. Many of these foods and herbs have also been genetically modified – you'll see the term GMO used to describe such foods and herbs. They may look big and beautiful, but they are quite often inferior in terms of vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients.

Nature Identical | these ingredients have been prepared synthetically in a lab but are chemically identical to those fund in nature. The few nature identical ingredients used at Nefysi have been carefully selected due to their scientific evidence to address skin concerns.

There is a wealth of information on our website @ www.nefysi.com.

Which Is Best Wildcrafted or Organic?
When looking at what's best for the human body, and nature, it's wise to choose wildcrafted products whenever possible. They will be the strongest and healthiest, without the risk of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides – assuming they are properly harvested and collected from areas without pollution. The next best choice – and the first choice for plants that are critically endangered or threatened is organic. Commercially grown plants should be generally avoided, as they carry toxic residues or if used, you should understand where they are sourced and what practices are used to grow them. Nefysi uses mostly certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients, some natural from trusted suppliers and farms and a few specifically selected nature identical ingredients in our skincare and body products to create the purest, most effective products. 

Why Does What You Choose Matter?
So why does it matter to you, the consumer? To put it simply, what you eat or put in and on your body is absorbed or metabolised; it becomes you. Your body is an organism of considerably more complexity, a literal miracle. It is a living organism that benefits from the bio-active compounds found in wildcrafted ingredients. The use of organic skincare products that also include wildcrafted ingredients offers you a truly nurturing option that is a much better, nourishing choice than commercial products.
How to Achieve Real Results, Fast!
The higher levels of therapeutic benefits in our skincare products mean you should see results in a very short period of time. For example, our Cosmos Superfood Face Polish includes 15% pure L-ascorbic Acid, Maca, Camu Camu, Lime and Royal Jelly to brighten and resurface the complexion. Our Prometheus Oil Serum is loaded with Sandalwood Seed Oil, Red raspberry Seed Oil and Cacay Oil, to soothe even the most irritated complexions - a real multivitamin for your skin like nothing you have ever used before.

The regular use of Nefysi skincare products will help ensure that your skincare is not only natural but safe for both you and the planet.
Our products are so so pure you can eat them, truly FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN.

With plenty of sleep, regular exercise, a healthy diet and Nefysi remedies, you will glow with health on the inside and out.  

View our complete range of remedies today and find your glow today.

Written by Helen, Engineer and Founder of Nefysi Skincare xx

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